Highland Park Detective Pleads Guilty to Distributing Fentanyl-laced Heroin

January 28, 2022, 7:46 AM

Detective Tiffany Lipkovitch

A Highland Park Police detective and her associate have pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute fentanyl-laced heroin.

Detective Tiffany Lipkovitch, 46, and Amber Bellamy, 38, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court on Thursday. Lipkovitch had been a Highland Park cop since 2011. Both women live in Detroit.

Federal agents recorded numerous calls and meetings between Lipkovitch and a confidential law enforcement source about a drug transaction. Lipkovich gave the source “samples” or “pictures” of the drugs that were available from her associate, Bellamy. She explained one was “$80 a gram” and the others were $100 per gram, authorities say.

The undercover source told Lipkovitch that they were diluting or “cutting” the drugs with “fentanyl,” a dangerous synthetic opioid, authorities said. The detective then told the undercover person that Bellamy was getting “a package of fentanyl . . . from overseas.”

Lipkovitch eventually introduced the confidential source to Bellamy, who sold that person 45 grams of a fentanyl-heroin mixture.

The informant later met with Lipkovitch, who was on duty and in her police uniform, and gave her $300 for facilitating the drug deal.

“Drug trafficking and drug addiction have created a crisis in our communities, something our law enforcement partners know all too well,” said Detroit U.S. Attorney Dawn Ison in a statement. “It is an affront to the good men and women in law enforcement and to the communities that they serve for a sworn law enforcement officer to betray her oath in this manner. “

The case was investigated by the FBI Detroit Area Public Corruption Task Force in collaboration with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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